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Greenville County Schools

Instructional Coach

Performance Responsibilities

The mission of the Instructional Coach is to increase student achievement.

Instructional Coaches will facilitate change in instructional practices of teachers that will enable teachers to diagnose student needs more analytically; plan more productively; and teach more effectively.

  1. The instructional coach provides leadership for teachers by planning, collaborating, organizing, mentoring and facilitating change to improve the instructional program.
  2. The instructional coach disaggregates and analyzes data and assists principals and teachers in its interpretation to measure and improve student achievement and/or program effectiveness.
  3. The instructional coach provides knowledge of appropriate standards, content, materials, and resources.
  4. The instructional coach facilitates the use of research-based teaching strategies and best practices to address the needs of teachers and school goals.
  5. The instructional coach provides staff development needed to implement the school’s strategic improvement plan.
  6. The instructional coach establishes, maintains and enhances effective communication with administrators, teachers, parents and other stakeholders.
  7. The instructional coach demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and ethical standards to advance the mission, goals and policies of Greenville County Schools.
  8. The instructional coach works with principals and teachers in organizing grade level/department meetings in order to affect horizontal and vertical continuity and articulation of instructional program throughout the school.
  9. The instructional coach observes teachers in their classrooms and offers insights for the enhancement of teaching-learning situations.
  10. The instructional coach demonstrates appropriate use of instructional technology and other educational tools to enhance and extend instruction
  11. The instructional coach works collaboratively with media specialists to promote informational literacy to provide resources and staff development.
  12. The instructional coach performs other duties related to the improvement of student achievement as determined by the principal.