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Invention Convention Grading Rubric


Student: ____________________________________


 Presentation Board Rubric (10 pts. eachunless indicated)


· Does thebackboard have a title for the invention? (1 pt.)



· Does thestudent clearly identify and address a problem/purpose?


· Has the inventor done researchand provided evidence to show that no

similarproduct or process exists, (background)?



·  Did the student state a reasonable if/thenhypothesis?




·   Did the student list all of thematerials used to create their invention?



· Did thestudent include a procedure for their invention?



· Will thisinvention be easily understood by many users?




  Invention/Prototype Rubric (10 pts. each)        

· How well wasthis invention/prototype designed and/or constructed?


Presentation Rubric   (10pts. each)    


·   Did the presenter submit an index cardand use this information in their

    oral presentation?


· Howeffectively did the inventor present his/her invention to the class?


MeetingDeadlines (3 pts. each)

· Did thestudent submit their Intent to Invent paperwork  on Jan. 23rd?


·   Did the student submit their Checklistfor their project on Feb. 6th?


·   Did the student turn in theirInvention project on Feb. 20th?


TotalPoints Awarded: