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College Prep--20 Days
Student Learning Map

LEQ:  How are gametes (sex cells) formed?
B-4.5:  Summarize the characteristics of the phases of meiosis I and II.
McDougal Littell pgs. 168-176
Holt pgs. 161-164

LEQ:  How are Mendel's principles of genetics used to predict characteristics that offspring inherit from their parents?
B-4.6:  Predict inherited traits by using the principles of Mendelian genetics (including segregation, independent assortment, and dominance).
McDougal Littell pgs. 177-191
Holt pgs. 172-186

LEQ:  How does the chromosome theory of inheritance relate to Mendel's principles of genetics?
B-4.7:  Summarize the chromosome theory of inheritance and relate that theory to Gregor Mendel's principles of genetics.
McDougal Littell pgs. 200-217
Holt pgs. 234-248

LEQ:  How are organisms affected by mutations in body cells versus mutations in sex cells?
B-4.8:  Compare the consequences of mutations in body cells with those in gametes.
McDougal Littell pgs. 168, 212-217, 252-255

LEQ:  What are some examples of how new genetic characteristics are introduced into a population of organisms?
B-4.9:  Exemplify ways that introduce new genetic characteristics into an organism or a population by applying the principles of modern genetics.
McDougal Littell pgs. 266, 269, 272, 275-279
Holt pgs. 258-260, 266-270


Worksheets & Directions for Activities
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