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English II                                                   



Instructor:   D. Meng                         Daily Schedule:  1st Pd. -  English II CP         5th – Planning

Telephone:  355-7869                                                     2nd Pd. -  English II CP         6th – Planning

Email:                              3rd Pd. -  English IV Adv.    7th – Eng. II Adv.

                                                                                          4th Pd. -  English IV Adv.     

Course Description

English II is a language arts course for high school sophomores designed to prepare students for the

demands of two or four-year college degree programs and/or for the workplace.  The course is also

designed to instruct and prepare students for taking the HSAP (High School Assessment Program)

Test, which is given each spring. Successful completion of the HSAP Test is necessary for receiving

 a high school diploma.

Selections from American literature are organized around universal literary themes and are explored in

depth.  Elements of grammar are addressed through writing. Vocabulary words, SAT words, and word

study skills are emphasized, examined, and applied.  Composition is also addressed through several

forms of writing, including research, research skills, research techniques, and various forms of writing.

One unit of credit is awarded upon successful completion of the course.


Course Content Standards/Objectives

1.  Students will examine and apply vocabulary and SAT words.

2.  Students will read, practice, write, and analyze literary concepts as applicable to HSAP.

3.  Students will identify and evaluate literary devices as they apply to all forms of literature.

4.  Students will recognize and examine types and characteristics of literary genres, including

     poetry, short stories, plays, and novels.

5.  Students will write sentences, paragraphs, and essays with various topics to prepare for HSAP

     writing as well as to improve, proofread, edit, and correct their own writing.  Writing assignments

     will be alignment with the current Common Core Standards.

***Additional objectives can be found in the South Carolina Academic Standards for

      English Language Arts.***



The HSAP Test (High School Assessment Program), a state-mandated test, is given each spring to 10th

grade students. Upon successful completion of the language arts section, the student will not be required

to take the test again the following year.  However, if the student does not pass the language arts section,

he or she will need to repeat that portion of the test the following year.   Upon successful completion of both the language arts section and the math section (per the math teacher’s instruction), the student will then be eligible to receive a SC high school diploma after completing the required high school course work.


Instructional Materials and Resources

Student Handbook, notebook, loose leaf paper, pens, pencils



Elements of Literature, Fourth Course, Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Selected novels and plays

HSAP Power


Instructional Sequence and Timeline

***See Course Outline below. Each student has a copy of the Course Outline.***

In addition to the items listed on the course outline page, the students will also complete vocabulary terminology, HSAP preparation, SAT word study, a research unit, writing, projects, and other

assignments as applicable to the literature and the Common Core standards.


Assessment/Evaluation of Student Progress

Assessments correlate with placement and time allotted on the course outline for completion of

each unit, novel, or play.

60%     -     Major Tests, Formal Writing, Projects


40%     -     Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, Vocabulary Tests, Informal Writing, Other


Grading Scale

A     93-100                                         *Students will receive progress reports at the mid-point of each

B       85-92                                           nine-weeks grading period.

C       77-84                                         *Students will receive report cards at the end of each nine-weeks

D       70-76                                           grading period.

F         0-69                                          *Grades are available to students and parents via Power School.


Homework Policy

Students are not allowed to turn in homework late unless they were absent on the day the homework was assigned.  Late homework due to neglect will not be accepted.

Make-Up Work Policy

All work must be turned in on time on the due dates UNLESS the student was ABSENT on the day the

work was assigned OR on the day the work was due. 

***Students are NOT allowed to make up missed work for assignments they neglected to do

      and turn in when due.***

Papers or Projects that are turned in late will be penalized ten points per day late.



To receive credit, students must not miss more than ten days.  Any absence in excess of ten may

cause a student to lose credit for the course.  Absences above ten must fall within the category

of a lawful absence.   See the Student Handbook for explanation.


1st Offense   -   Warning                                                        

2nd Offense  -   Warning                                       

3rd Offense  -    Parent Contact and Referral

4th Offense  -    Referral/See Student Handbook


ID Badges must be worn at all times.


Rules for Student Behavior/Discipline Policy

A list of Classroom Guidelines and Consequences is included on the syllabus.

Students are also accountable for following all of the guidelines and items listed

in the Student Handbook and in the Discipline Chart in the handbook.

Communication with Students and Parents

Telephone and email are listed at the top of the syllabus.

Communication about grades is available via the Power School Computer Grading System.


Additional Information

If a student chooses to leave his or her textbook in the classroom, it is with the understanding

that it is the student’s responsibility to pay for the book if it is lost or stolen.


If the district is unable to provide enough copies of novels for the students, I may on occasion

ask if the students would be willing to purchase a paperback copy that they would be able take home

to read. The cost would be approximately $8.00 or less.


Video Presentations will be part of the course when applicable to literary content.

The videos may have a “G,”  “PG,” or “PG-13” rating.   Please contact the teacher if

you do not want your child to participate in viewing the videos.                        


CLASSROOM GUIDELINES                                                                               Meng


1.  Always bring books, paper, pens, pencils, and other necessary materials to class.  Be organized

     prepared, and RESPONSIBLE.     *** ID Badges must be worn at all times.

2.  Be in class and in YOUR assigned seat on time.  Remain there until the final bell rings.

     ***Students are NOT allowed to move and sit somewhere else or change their assigned seat.

     ***Students are NOT allowed to sit on top of the desks, in a desk with anyone else, or in the teacher’s seat.

     ***Students are NOT allowed to touch the markers, eraser, or white board without permission.

3.  No chewing gum, food, or drinks are allowed.  No sneaking and snacking.

4.  LISTEN, pay attention, and cooperate.  Excessive talking is disruptive and unacceptable.

5.  Thank you for not writing on desks or other objects.  Only books, paper, and items needed for the

     class are allowed on desks.  Pocketbooks, book bags, coats, jackets, clothing, blankets, or other are

     NOT allowed on top of the desks or in your lap.***Cell phones must be TURNED OFF and out of sight.

6.  Profanity is inappropriate and unacceptable.

7.  Keep your FOCUS on the subject matter instead of on other people.  Do not BLAME others for

     your actions or your misbehavior.  Mind your own business, not someone else’s.  ***YES M’AM***

     If you have a concern or a problem with me or with another student, see me to discuss/find a solution.

8.  Avoid questions, comments, and observations that are disrespectful, disruptive, or           

     inappropriate and that do not relate to the subject matter.

9.  It is the TEACHER’S DECISION  about how to handle disruptions or classroom pacing.

    REMEMBER that YOU are the STUDENT, NOT the TEACHERIt is NOT your call.

    Ex. -  “You should write him up.”              “Yeah, we know. You already said that.”

10.Maintain a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, MATURITY, and good behavior at all times, and show



      with low grades usually begins                Students are NOT allowed to make up work for assignments they 

      when . . . “Impressing my                       neglected to do and turn in when due.  Ex. – Not turning in work

      friends is more important to                  because of laziness or neglect

      me than passing English.”                      ***Cheating or being caught with cheating materials (whether

                                                                              using them at that moment or not) will result in a zero.

***UNACCEPTABLE                                ***Plagiarism will result in a zero.

      “But . . .”                                                  ***DO NOT spray any type of  perfume or other aerosol.

      “Why?”  or  “Why not?”                                     ***Many people are allergic to sprays.***                            

      “That’s not fair.”                                                     

      Orders from students on Classroom Management 

      The teacher’s decisions are NOT open for debate, discussion, or commentary.                        



1st     -     Teacher/Student resolve problem and/or time after school

2nd    -     Time after school and phone call to parents

3rd    -     Referral

***The consequences listed above are for minor infractions.  The consequences for major infractions

      are listed in the Student Handbook.  If any sudden or severe disruptions or outbursts occur, the

      student will be sent to the office immediately with a referral.

I have listened carefully to Ms. Meng’s explanation of these guidelines, and I understand what is expected

of me in her class.   I agree to abide by the guidelines.


Student’s Signature_______________________________________     Date _________________


I have read the classroom guidelines as well as the guidelines in the Student Handbook.

I understand what is expected of my child in Ms. Meng’s class.

Parent’s Signature ________________________________________    Date _________________




10th                                                                                          English II

Course Outline



Cultural Heritage and Identity


Writing – 1st 9 Weeks - Introduction to Argument and Research


August                 Eating Together, p. 663

Ode to My Socks, p. 674-675

The Summer I Was Sixteen, p. 679

Lord of the Flies



September            Housepainting, p. 233-240                              ***Labor Day Holiday***

                                    The Stayer, p. 652-654                                                    Sept. 2

                                    The Legend, p. 668-669

                                    Lord of the Flies  -  Finish                                         




Power and Identity


Writing – 2nd 9 Weeks - Sustained Research/Explanatory Writing



October                The Seventh Man, p.379-389                                     ***Student Holidays***

                                    The Man in the Water, p. 391-393                                      Oct. 17 & 18

                                    William Shakespeare background, p. 830-840

                                    The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, p. 841-963; Cartoon, p. 1193



November            Heart!  We will forget him!, p.697

                                    The Pedestrian, p. 10-14

                                    Trifles, p. 801-812                                                 ***Thanksgiving Holidays***

                                    The Tragedy of Julius Caesar – Finish                               Nov. 27 – 29



December             Simile, p. 707                                                             

                                    The Taxi, p. 708                                             

                                    Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, p. 751         ***Winter Break***

                                    In Praise of Robert Frost, p. 754-757                                 Dec. 23 – Jan. 3





                                                                                             . . . continued >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



10th Course Outline continued . . .



Fear and Identity         


Writing – 3rd 9 Weeks - Argument Analysis/Informational Writing



January                Wolf Speak, p. 94-95                                                     ***Student Holiday***

What Happened During the Ice Storm, p. 214-215                  Jan. 17

Research Skills Unit                                       ***Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday***

                                                                                                                                   Jan. 20



February                 House Taken Over, p. 314-320                              ***Presidents’ Day Holiday***

                                    The Possibility of Evil, p. 341-350                                         Feb. 17

                                    The Masque of the Red Death, p.369-374





Family and Identity


Writing – 4th 9 Weeks - Research and Narrative Writing



March                   I Am Offering This Poem, p. 685

                                    The First Seven Years, p. 159-168

                                    The Storyteller, p. 221-226




April                    Loveliest of Trees (Handout)                                      ***Spring Break***

                                    Today, p. 732                                                                    April 14 - 18

                                    Ex-Basketball Player, p.736

                                    In the Well, p.737

                                    To Kill a Mockingbird



May                      The Bean Eaters (Handout)                                      ***Memorial Day Holiday***

                                    We Real Cool, p.741                                                               May 26

                                    To Kill a Mockingbird – Finish

                                    12 Angry Men – if time allows