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I am Master Sergeant  Fred Fuller. I am originally from the Greenville area.  I am one of the Aerospace Science Instructors assigned to Blue Ridge High School.  Before starting a new unit at Blue Ridge High School I worked at Springboro High School just outside Dayton Ohio for two years. I received my undergraduate  degree in Business Administration from Southern Wesleyan University.  I have an Advanced Instructor Certification from the Air Force Training Command. I'm married and have three children and three grandchildren. I joined the Air Force as a Weapons Specialist, during my time in the Air Force I have held several different Air Force specialities.  After serving twenty three years on active duty I retired from the Air Force in 2000. My last job before retiring was as a Recruiting Service Flight Chief for the Dayton /Cincinnati Ohio area. At Blue Ridge I teach Leadership Education, Drill and Ceremonies along with the Air Force  Wellness Program. I am also responsible for unit logistics and supply. When I retired from active duty I wanted to find a job that I would enjoy as much as what I had been doing for the past twenty three years. Working as an Air Force JROTC Instructor turned out to be an even better job! Having great students at a school that really supports your program is the reason this is a good job. 

Air Force JROTC offers  students a unique opportunity to learn and grow.  I believe that students can learn and should have fun doing it. I tell my students If those two things are not happening one of us is not doing something right and we can to fix that!  

You can call me at 864-355-1846 or email me at