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To: Parents/Guardians of AFJROTC Cadets

  1. On behalf of Greenville County Schools and Headquarters Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC), I would like to thank you for allowing your student to participate in our program at Blue Ridge High School. Your student will experience a unique course of instruction that can be educational, motivating and rewarding. Master Sergeant Fred Fuller and I believe your cadet will benefit from the teamwork, precision, self-discipline and leadership experiences they will encounter this semester and beyond if they choose to stay in the program.

  1. We are sure you have questions about AFJROTC. First, let me tell you the program is neither boot camp nor combat training and it is not a recruiting program for the Air Force, or any other military service. It is an academic classroom and “leadership laboratory” that will help each cadet develop decision-making and communication skills while building self-confidence as a leader and better citizen.

  1. There are some unique requirements and expectations for this program. Included with this letter are four documents that are very important. Please take a few moments to read the Course Syllabus, enclosure 1, especially the section on Uniform Wear Requirements and sign the Certification Form, enclosure 2. The Emergency Medical Treatment Consent Form, enclosure 3, and the AFJROTC Physical Health Screening Questionnaire, enclosure 4, are required before your student can participate in field trips and physical fitness activities within AFJROTC. VERY IMPORTANT: Any “yes” response on enclosure 4 requires a written explanation and clearance from a competent medical authority prior to active participation. These questionnaires will be kept on file while your cadet is enrolled in the program and verified annually for changes. Please fill them out, with signature, along with the Course Syllabus signature sheet and send them back to school with your cadet as soon as possible.

  1. Proper wear of the uniform on the required wear days is the cadet’s responsibility and is the easiest way to make a good grade, yet also the easiest way to make a bad grade and even fail the course. Since uniform wear is so important, I am asking for your support and cooperation to help your cadet be successful by providing a schedule of Required Uniform Wear Days, enclosure 5. Any changes to this schedule will be announced as far in advance as possible. Please keep this handy for easy reference.

  1. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call 355-1870.

David L. Rogers, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)                               Fred A Fuller, MSgt.USAF(Ret ) 

Senior Aerospace Science Instructor                                 Aeroscience Instructor