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Assignments for Oct 26-30
Vocab quiz (postponed from last Friday--Monday
Quiz on "Flowers for Algernon"--Friday

Assignments for Oct 19-23
Note cards due Tues
Algernon vocab--quiz Fri (postponed to Monday, Oct 26)

Assignments for Oct 12-Oct 14
Short Stories, Unit Test, Monday--postponed from Friday
Book summary (independent reading)--due Tuesday
Book Fair--Tuesday

Assignments for weekending Oct 9
"Thank You, Ma'm"--selection quiz Wednesday
Short Story Unit--test on Friday

Don't forget: your independent reading project is due next Tuesday, Oct 13
Also, don't forget the extra credit project--the Neal Shusterman letter--due by this Friday.  Turn in one copy to the media center and one to me.


Assignments for week ending Oct 2
"Hamadi" selection quiz, Tuesday
"Who Can Replace a Man" selection quiz, Wednesday
"Charles" selection quiz, Friday
Literary Elements Quiz, Friday
Independent Reading--book and summary must be completed by Friday, Oct 2
Independent Reading--3-D project due Tuesday, Oct 13

Assignments for week ending Sept 25
Lit Test, Unit 1--Wed (postponed from last week)
Literary Elements Quiz, Friday
Weekend:  complete book selected for independent reading

Assignments for week ending Sept 18
Revise and type letter drafted in class-- due Tuesday
Unit 1 Test, Friday

Homework for week ending Sept 11
Essay responses for Unit 1 test-- due Wednesday
"Gentleman of Rio" selection quiz--Thursday
"Sun Suckers and Moon Cursers" response: letter, due Friday

You're off to a wonderful start! Hooray!

Assignments for week ending Sept 4:
Completed "Loon" response, revised and typed--due Wednesday
Test, Friday--Fiction and Nonfiction, Literary Elements, "Baker Heater League," "The 11:59," "Raymond's Run"

Welcome, students!  I'm looking forward to working with you this year and celebrating your growth! 

Please check this page each Monday for announcements and homework assignments for the week:

For week ending Aug 28:

Tuesday--One page draft of "Loon Call' response. Have possible revisions marked
Friday--Daily quiz on review of literary elements

Continue reading outside of class!