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GTT Computer Research & Design Lab

The 25-station GTT Computer Research & Design Lab is located in room 106. Tanglewood is very fortunate, and proud, to offer this level of technology to our students. February 2012 gave us a technology refresh that replaced 7 year old computers. The GTT Computer Lab is equipped with Dell Precision T1600 desktops and 22" flat screen LCD monitors. It is very impressive for any school to have such technology, but for a middle school to have this level of technology, it is amazing.

Tanglewood has also invested in NetSupport for each computer lab and the library. This software permits the computer lab instructor to view, share, and control all the computer stations from their computer. This is a fantastic tool that allows the teacher to remotely assist, monitor, and demonstrate lessons to the entire group or individual.

Students will work with state-of-the-art 3D engineering design software & hardware; research GTT activities and projects; explore careers; format and type formal research papers in MS Word; create and present PowerPoint projects; and explore & navigate websites. In an effort to conserve paper and printing costs, students will be receiving and saving most work to their Student Home Directories in the GTT course folder. Students will be given instruction on the acceptable use policy, and maintenance, of their district email accounts.

The Autodesk Inventor software is one of the main attractions in the GTT program. It is a very powerful, state-of-the-art, 3-Dimensional Parametric Solid Modeling software program that specializes in creating solid model machine parts, engineering drawings, assemblies of multiple parts, and presentations with moving sections. It is a major component of the GTT program that focuses on the engineering design process: needs, ideas, technical sketching, computer generated drawings & solid models, prototypes, and actual production. All of this permits the designer to see, and easily modify, the completed object before production begins. This software is used around the world.

An addition to the lab was the purchase of new 3-D mice. These permit control of the 3D environment while the 2D mouse selects commands and creates components and assemblies. The 3D mouse also works with Google Earth. They are a fantastic piece of technology equipment and students have enjoyed getting better at using them.

Students will also receive instruction in the GCSD Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for technology use. Those who do not follow this policy risk having their email accounts disabled and lose access to school computers.