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Welcome to the wondrous world of The Middle Ages, a time of kings, castles, armor, and feudal life.  The legendary figures of King Arthur, Merlin, and Sir Gawain as well as famous authors such as Boccaccio and Chaucer are known throughout the world.  Today, you will explore topics about The Middle Ages using the links provided.  

For your end product, you will create a Photostory on The Middle Ages. It can be about a series of facts from The Middle Ages, or it can focus on one concept (i.e. knights or the Black Death). You should use the graphic organizer to develop questions that you will then write your narrative from. You can save your facts directly on the graphic organizer, and you can save your photos (as jpgs) on your home directory. Make sure you copy the webpage URL to give credit for your information and photos. Create a folder called MA Project in your home directory.

You can find facts and photos using the links I’ve provided. Concentrate your efforts on the first three sites (general information) then focus your research throughout the next three groups of sites. Finally, enjoy the sites about castles. You will even find a virtual tour on one of them.

General Sites

Feudal life

Passport to Feudalism

Feudalism overview

Web sites with information on knights, armor, and weaponry


Knights and Their Armor


Weapons and armor

Websites with information on health and hygiene

Black Death

Bubonic Plague

The Middle Ages -- Health

Food in the Middle Ages

Websites with information on coats of arms

Heralds and Heraldry

Design your own shield  

Information about castles

Castle exploration

Castle information

Thanks to Germantown Hills School District #69 for some of the links and ideas on this page.