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Classroom Rules and Procedures


1. Be on time: All students should be seated with a visible student ID when the bell rings and completing the daily class starter activity.

2. Be respectful: No student is to interrupt or criticize any opinion given by a classmate during class discussion. Profanity is not tolerated and will be handled according to the disciplinary plan listed below. Additionally, no student is allowed to sleep, eat, or work on any assignments unrelated to English.

3.Be prepared: Bring all necessary materials to class everyday. No student will be given permission to go to his/her locker during class.

4. No candy, food or drinks: Students are not permitted to consume any type of food or beverage in class.

5. No gooming in class: No student is allowed to comb hair or apply make-up during class. Additionally, lotion and perfumes should not be applied in the classroom.


Step 1: Parent Contact by teacher

Step 2: Morning Detention (30 minutes)

Step 3: Office Referral

The act of plagiarizing or cheating will result in a ZERO and a parent phone call. This includes any work that a student may be doing for any other class as well.


Ø Students are expected to enter the classroom quietly and begin working on the daily starter activity which will be checked routinely.

Ø Restroom visits should be made during the break between classes. Permission to use the restroom during instruction will be granted if student agrees to stay 10 minutes after school on an assigned day. All medical issues should be filed in the office.

Ø It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and turn in any make-up work within 5 days of an absence. Assignments will be placed in the appropriate location in the classroom. All notes from class discussions must be acquired individually.