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Below are some free websites that our students can use to help prepare for HSAP (Exit Exam) and EOC’s (End of Course Tests) in Algebra 1 and English.  Some of these websites may be especially helpful to those students taking the Exit Exam who do not have a second semester math or English class.  Special thanks to Ms. Webb and Ms. Hennicken for providing many of the links to these websites.  Ms. Hennicken supplied all of the English links and accompanying verbal descriptions starting from the Texas Released Tests on down.

Math (Exit Exam)


South Carolina Released HSAP Test


South Carolina Released HSAP Answer Key


Detailed Solutions to South Carolina Released HSAP


Texas Released Test



Algebra 1 (EOC)

Virginia Released Tests

You can either print these and take them or take them online.




English (Exit Exam and EOC)


South Carolina Released HASP Test


South Carolina Released HSAP Answer Key


Texas Released Tests

These tests are great because you can take them online and it will score your test for you.  Reading Tests:


Writing Tests:



Georgia Released EOC Test


Half-way down the page, look at the boxes on the right side.  Go to the one labeled EOCT Released Tests and click 9th Grade Literature.  This will take you to the practice test.  The answer key is also located in the EOCT Released Tests box.  When you open the answer key look at the tabs at the bottom of the page and click 9th Grade Literature to check your answers.


Virginia Released Tests





Tennessee Practice Tests

These items have a similar format to Virginia.


This resource has practice items as well as very good suggestions and test-taking tips!



Florida Practice Test


Answer Key: This is helpful because in addition to the answer, it tells you why it is correct.