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Week of Dec 16-20, 2013

This assignment can be completed by hand if the student looses his or her ipad or has no internet connection!

Gymnosperm and angiosperm Educreation presentation.

You will create a presentation on gymnosperms and angiosperms.

The answers are on pages 84-86.

Write in complete sentences!!

Title Page or Cover Page

Write the title: Types of Vascular Seed Plant.

Write your name, date, and period.

Draw and color a picture of a plant or tree on your cover page.

Left Inside Cover (Page 1)

1.       Write the Title: Gymnosperms

2.       Give the definition of a gymnosperm.

3.       What does gymnosperm mean?

4.       Leaves of most gymnosperms are ____________or______________.

5.       What are most gymnosperms called?

6.       Do gymnosperms contain flowers?

7.       Name the four divisions of gymnosperms.

8.       Give three examples of trees that are in the division conifers.

9.      Name the reproduction system of conifer.

10.  What type of cone do the seeds develop on?

11.  Draw or download a picture of a conifer tree and color it.


Right Inside Cover (Page 2)

1.      Write the title: Angiosperms

2.      Give the definition of an angiosperm.

3.      Where do angiosperms grow?

4.      To what division do the angiosperms belong?

5.      Some flower parts develop into a ______________?

6.      What do most fruits contain?

7.      What two groups are angiosperms divided into?

8.      Are all fruits juicy and sweet?

9.      Describe the fruit of the vanilla orchid. (two words)

10.  Define monocot. Give an example of a plant that is a monocot.

11.  Define dicot. Give an example of a plant that is a dicot.

12.  Draw or download a picture of a monocot.

13.  Draw or download a picture of a monocot’s vascular bundles.

14.  Draw or download a picture of a dicot.

15.  Draw or download a picture of a dicot’s vascular bundles.


        ____10 Cover / Title  
________50 Definitions and facts  _
________30 Pictures/ Diagrams__
________10 Neatness

FUN FACTS (ABOVE AND BEYOND) (Next to it, Draw a small picture in the corner to identify with it.)

  1. Include any information, Pictures or diagrams that you found interesting that we did not cover in class.
  2. This Information can come from books, Magazines, the Internet etc…