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"Absences are defined as either lawful (excused) or unlawful (unexcused).  Absences, either lawful or unlawful or combination thereof, MAY NOT EXCEED FIVE (5) days per full unit on a 4X4 block schedule.  Missing more than half of a class (45 minutes) constitutes an absence.  ALL absences beginning with the 6th absence MUST be lawful and will only be excused..."--Page 21, Student Handbook.

Please see pages 20-21 of the Student Handbook for more information on the Attendance Policy.

Students cannot learn if they are not in class.  Attendance is vital to your success in my class as well as your other classes. 

Students with perfect attendance will be rewarded at the end of each semester.

Tardy Policy:

A student who arrives late to school or to class is tardy. At WHHS, all teachers will close their doors when the tardy bell rings. Students have five minutes to change classes. Any student who is tardy to school after 9:30 a.m. must go to the attendance office to obtain a pass. After 9:30, the student is counted absent for the class. Students who are not in class when the tardy bell rings will report directly to class. Students will be allowed three (3) tardies to class. On the fourth and fifth instances, students will be assigned detention by the teacher. Teachers will write a referral on the sixth instance. Tardies beyond the sixth will result in suspension from school. If a student does not attend at least half of a class, the student will be counted absent (not tardy) for that class period. Consequences:
Parent notification, detention, suspension. The following are acceptable as “Excused Tardy”:

• Medical appointment (must have note from doctor)

• Court appearance (note from court summons)

• Administrative approval