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 Kindergarten Behavior Plan 

Behavior Plan

Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to having your child in my class this year.  The school will be filled with many fun and rewarding experiences.  I would like for our classroom to be a positive environment.  In order to provide this type of environment, I have developed a classroom discipline plan.  Last week, the students and I went over our classroom rules


Classroom Rules

  • Follow directions quickly.
  • Listen when someone is speaking.
  • Raise your hand to speak during class lessons.
  • Be a caring friend.
  • Always do your best work.


We have a “Good Choices Chart” in our classroom.

Each child will start the day on green. “Ready to Learn” They will have the opportunity to move up the chart for making good behavior choices, as well as, down the chart if they are having a hard time making good choices and following our rules.  Please refer to it as you review your child’s Behavior Chart each day.  Remember to initial the chart weekly so we know you have seen it.  Please do not remove the behavior chart from the green folder.  If your child ends the day on yellow, orange or red, please discuss making good choices at school.  There will be a comment in the box so that you are aware of what your child is struggling with.  If they end the day on green, purple, or pink, the will receive a sticker or another special treat at the end of the day. 


Color Guide:

Pink —Awesome

Purple —Great Job

Green —Ready to Learn

Yellow —Slow Down

Orange —Warning/Time Out

Red —Stop/Parent Contact/Office


To help make the connection between home and school, please go over this with your child.  Together we can make a GREAT year! 


Please return this page with your signature and your child’s to show that you have read the discipline plan. Please keep this handy if you have any questions about our discipline plan this year.


Mrs. White & Mrs. Fuls