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Create a book of the Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus

Directions:  Please read all instructions before you begin this assignment.

1) Use the sheet that I have given you listing all 12 Gods of Mt. Olympus.

2) Use websites:

3) Look over the websites for the names of the 12 gods/goddesses. 

4) Read over the information on the websites and write down at least 5 facts about each of the gods.  For example: write down another name the God/Goddess might be called, list what they are the God or Goddess of, etc.

5) Once you have gathered your information about each God or Goddess you will create a booklet.  This is where your creativity will come into play.  You will use the information that you gathered to write a good strong paragraph about each of the Gods/Goddesses of Mount Olympus.  Your paragraphs must include a GOOD topic sentence and a GOOD concluding sentence.  You will also need to create some kind of illustration representing each God or Goddess.

Synopsis of Project:

1. Gather information

2. Write a paragraph about each of the 12 Gods/Goddesses

3. Include an illustration for each God/Goddess

4.  I will give you a rubric that you will attach to your booklet on the date that it is due


Rubric for Gods of Mount Olympus

1. ___________   BOOKLET COVER : Remember that every good book has an “inviting” cover.  Ms. Bayne would like to see very creative covers for your booklets.  (10 points)

2. ___________    5 FACTS ABOUT YOUR GODS/GODDESSES : You have researched the 12 Gods/Goddesses of Mount Olympus.  You are to have collected 5 facts about each one.   

(15 Points)

3.____________ PARAGRAPHS : You are to have 12 paragraphs (one for each of the 12 gods/goddesses of Mount Olympus).  You are to use the 5 facts that you collected to support your paragraphs.  Each of your paragraphs will include a GOOD STRONG topic sentence and a GOOD STRONG concluding sentence. Each paragraph must have at least 5-7 sentences.    Make sure that you have 12 paragraphs. Each paragraph should have been proofread and edited for spelling and grammatical errors. (50 points)

4. ___________ ILLUSTRATIONS : You are to have 1 illustration for each of the gods/goddesses of Mount Olympus. You may get these from the internet.  Remember to cite the website that you used for the picture.  You can do this by simply copying and pasting the URL address at the bottom of the illustration. You may draw your illustration as well. Remember your illustration can be a symbol of the god or goddess.  You might want to draw a picture of the bird or animal that represents the god or goddess.  Make sure that however you choose to illustrate the god or goddess that it truly represents that god or goddess.  

(10 Points)

5. ___________ CREATIVITY :  This is a major grade. I have given you 2 weeks to turn the assignment in.  Therefore, I expect your work to show this.  Make sure that your booklet is neat and your pages are arranged attractively.  Do not wait until the last minute to complete this assignment.  (10 Points)

6. ____________ ARRANGEMENT OF BOOKLET : Make sure that you have included information for all 12 of the gods/goddesses in alphabetical order or you may start at Zeus and work backwards to Aphrodite.  (5 Points)

Works Cited/Bibliography Template
(Remember this is a template that you fill in, but you will take the information that you have
gathered and fill in the blanks)

Bibliography/Works Cited
Book Information:

  _________________________, ________________________________.

Author’s last name                             Author’s first name              


_________________________________________. ________________________ : Title (Underlined)                                                          City, State or Country published

  _______________________________ , _______________. ( ___________ ).
Name of Publisher                                     Date Published           Page #


  Encyclopedia Information:

  _________________________, ________________________________.

Author’s last name                             Author’s first name              

  ______________________________________.”  ____________________________ .

Title of Article in “quotations.”                                Name of Encyclopedia(Underlined)

  _______________ . Vol. _____    __________________________________ .
(5th Edition or year)                             (City, State or country Published)

__________________________________ .  ( ____________ ).

 Name of Publishing Company                          Pages (98–105)


  Web Site Information:

  _________________________, ________________________________.

Author’s last name                             Author’s first name              


_________________________________” ___________________________________ .

Name of Article(if different than website) “      Name of Website

  __________________________ . Date accessed ___________________.

Date last updated if available




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