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 Expectations &



Basic Class Rules


Show Respect-Respect others and ourselves by working together


Take Responsibility-Think before you speak or act to keep from hurting others and yourself.


And be


Ready to Learn– Be prepared for school, and pay attention to all instruction


* There will be both Positive &Negative Consequences based on student behavior. Please see attached Points& Levels Handout.


Our Classroom Procedures:

Morning Routines:

          Students are to enter the classroom quietly, unpack their book bags, make their lunch choice, and get busy on their morning work. Students who are late to school must report to the office for a pass and then go make their lunch choice in the cafeteria. Students are to get at least 3 pencils sharpened during this time too.


Class Work:

          Many of our “in class” assignments require group and/or independent work. Students are responsible for completing all assignments. TEAMWORK is a very important part of our classroom as well. Every assignment should be turned in with the student’s name and date on it. Students who choose not to complete and turn in assignments will receive a zero. Students who are absent may make up missed work if a note is given to excuse the absence. When students are absent, they should make up any work within the week of their return so they do not forget the material.


Bathroom Breaks:

          We will have 2 main bathroom breaks:  one after related arts and one before/after lunch. Students should go to the bathroom and/or get water at these times. Otherwise, students are to ask permission to use the restroom and may do so except during instruction time or a test. If a student has a medical condition that requires frequent visits to the bathroom, the student should give the teacher a note stating the medical condition.



          Students will receive a newsletter each Monday, and it will be their responsibility to write down the homework assignments daily.

Please refer to your parent brochure for additional explanation of expectations and procedures.