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Laura Hervey > The Lightning Thief vocabulary

Lightning Thief Vocabulary

Chapters 1-8   

·        envy: to be jealous

·        miserable: very unhappy

·        torture: causing much pain

·        expelled: kicked out

·        determined: set on doing something

·        scrawny: very skinny

·        probation: a period of time to try to show that a person can behave.

·        immortal: lives forever, cannot die

·        triumphant: to be successful, a winner

·        gesturing: making a motion

·        lunged: sudden move forward

·        vaporized: turned into a gas

·        distracted: having ones attention turned to something else


·        occasional: once in a while

·        hallucination: seeing something that is not really there

·        perky : cheerful, happy

·        irritable: easily annoyed

·        obnoxious: annoying or offensive

·        ajar: open a little

·        solstice: when day and night equal 12 hours each

·        resolved: finished

·        ignorance: without knowledge

·        trickled: a small gentle stream

·        eavesdropping: listening secretly to a conversation

·        smirked: a smile where you are full of yourself

·        destined: bound to happen

·        dreaded: not looking forward to

·        fidgety: can’t hold still

·        assumed: believed it to be true

·        glumly: sadly

·        twitching: moving suddenly

·        mumbled: spoken softly making it difficult to hear

·        mournfully: sadly

·        reeked: smelled badly

·        strewn: thrown all over

·        nauseous: feel sick to the stomach

·        sympathy: to feel sorry for

·        scowled: make a face

·        panic: sudden fear

·        pursed: pressed lips together tightly

·        anxiety: worried and fearful

·        lumber: move slowly

·        rebellious: fighting against rules or authority

·        resented: felt bitterness toward

·        vivid: clear

·        goading: teasing

·        sternly: strictly, harshly 

·        hastily: quickly

·        anticipating: looking forward to

·        wedged: stuck in between

·        desperately: having a great need

·        bellowed: shouted, yelled

·        holographic: seeing an image that’ not really there

·        impact: strongly hitting one thing against another

·        agony: great pain

·        disintegrate: break into small pieces

·        collapsing: falling down

·        conscious: aware of one’s surrounding, awake


·        hovered: hung over or above

·        recoiled: jumped back

·        mischievous: playfully annoying or harmful

·        glint: shine brightly

·        intimidating: to fill with fear

·        analyzing: looking over the data carefully

·        pudgy: short and fat

·        flinched: moved back quickly

·        sufficient: plenty, enough

·        timidly: shyly

·        incinerates: burns to ashes

·        confined: kept in a small area


·        distinct: clear

·        export: ship out, send out

·        restricted: not allowed to do certain things

·        winced: pulled back in pain

·        advised: warned

·        pursue: follow, chase after

·        lethal: enough to kill

·        intrigued: curious, interested

·        critically: to judge other harshly

·        suspicious: doubting something

·        sullen: silent resentment, sulking

·        whiny: complaining, cranky

·        impulsive: to do without thinking first

·        sauntering: walking lazily

·        pulverize: break into little pieces

·        sprawled: spread out


·        skeptically: not really believing

·        sensation: feeling

·        reveal: to show

·        intentionally: on purpose

·        summoned: called

·        quest: to search or seek

·        tensed: tightened up

·        resemblance: looks like something else

·        marred: to damage or scar

·        intact: not broken, in one piece

·        apparently: it appear to be clearly

·        destined: it is meant to be.


·        excelled: did well at

·        hilt: the handle of a sword

·        suppressing: holding down by force

·        appraised: to judge the quality or worth

·        signed: burned

·        debated: discusses back and forth

·        sacrificed: willing to give up something valuable