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 Kindergarten Long Range Plans

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Dear Kindergarten Parents,

This year we will be using a colored “clip chart” to monitor our behavior and classroom

choices. Your child will have a clip in each classroom that they will physically move up or down

the chart, depending on their choices. Please keep in mind that your child may not move every

single day! In order to move up, students must go above and beyond in their behavior choices.

The chart below explains how the clip chart works.


Outstanding! Award-Winning Performance

Students who reach this blue level will be rewarded with an “I’m a Star” button and will be allowed to sit on a special pillow for the rest of the day.

Ways to get on blue:

Follow all directions

Be kind to all friends

100% Participation

Great Job!  Hollywood Star

Students who reach this light blue level will be rewarded by lining up first to lunch and recess. 

Ways to get on light blue:

Listen when the teacher is talking

Do something kind for a friend

Do great work

Good Day!

Rave Reviews

Students who reach this light green level will get to pick out a sticker or stamp of their choice. 

Ways to get on light green:

Answer a question correctly

Sit correctly on the carpet

Walk quietly in the hallway

Ready to Learn: The Red Carpet

All students will start their day on green.  They can move up or down level throughout the day depending upon the choices they make.

Think About It: Broken Reel

Students who move to light yellow will have already received a warning.  They will need to take a time-out to get themselves ready to participate again.

Ways to get on light yellow:

Talking out

Interrupting the teacher

Talking in the hall

Getting out of assigned area

Director’s Choice

Students who move to yellow will be removed to the stairway to talk to the teacher.  They will receive loss of recess/center time, draw a picture of what they did wrong and can do to fix it, and/or serve another time-out.  This is the teacher’s discretion.

Ways to get on yellow:


Repeated inappropriate behavior

Parent Contact: Cut off the Set

Students who move to red will go to the office immediately.  Parents will be contacted.

Ways to get on red:

Harming yourself or others

Attempting to leave the room or building without permission

Destruction of property


This system will be a positive way for students to monitor their choices and will give them behavior goals to strive for!  Remember, they can always move up or down depending upon the choices they make.  You will be notified of your child’s behavior choices everyday in their folders.  Please support us in this effort to encourage positive behavior in our students!



The Kindergarten Team