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The following are some internet links which may be useful to students and parents. They are divided by subject area and a brief description of the sites are provided as a quick reference.
Math Sites:          Flashcards and games to help strengthen students' math skills              Quiz youself on math facts         Can you break the Piggy Bank?  First, figure out which coins will equal the total value!    Can you find the person that goes next in these patterns?   Do you know your fact families?  Practice them here!  use a virtual ruler to measure objects on the computer!

Language Arts/Reading Sites:           Houghton Mifflin website that compliments our book series              Reinforces Phonics and Reading skills    A great reading site that has suggested reading lists as well as post-reading activities          A variety of age appropriate, skill building games    Practice various language skills on this fun site


Social Studies Sites:    South Carolina State House        The Governor's Council on Beautification & Litter.
Learn about our beautiful state and what you can do to KEEP it that way!!
LITTER BUSTERS!!!  Call to report littering!  1-877-7-LITTER    White House for Kids    A fabulous tour of the White House-THEN & NOW pictures!Also you'll find interesting facts about Presidents & First Ladies, White House trivia, current events, and much, much more!!!    Can you fill in the blanks on a USA map to name the states?  This is a tough one!    Identify different Presidents from miltiple choice answers...and then, learn new facts about them!    Let's Say Thanks to our Soldiers...Send them a post card & a message!    Great Colonial Games for Children!   Chase the Chicken...Find the right tool for the Blacksmith...Build a Pillory and lots more exciting learning games!  This is a selection from the Colonial Williamsburg site!  WOW!    Learn all about different holidays from around the world. Great activities and print-outs!


Science sites:     Locate and place litter into proper recycling bins.

Fun Science    Show your knowledge of life and growth cycles of plants and animals.

Multiple subject sites:


Sites for Parents:           This site tells about the movements we use throughout the day in order to access various parts of the brain and facilitate learning.    The SC curriculum standards

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