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E nglish II Advanced Syllabus






Teacher:        Mrs. Paula Rouse

q  B.A. in English, Clemson University

q  M.A. in Education, Converse College

q  G/T Certified 

Room #:         D110



Phone:            355-1871

Textbook:                  Elements of Literature, Fourth Course


Recommended Materials:

q  notebook paper in a 1” binder

q  pencils and black or blue pens

q  five tabbed dividers (for binder)


Classroom Expectations:

q  Treat everyone with respect.

q  Come to class on time and prepared with necessary materials.

q  Students must have their BRHS student handbook to leave class – no exceptions. If the student has lost his or her handbook, one can be purchased from the guidance office.  If there is a medical condition that requires a student to leave the room frequently during class, please notify me the first day of class and provide a note to the nurse to keep on file.

q  No sleeping in class is allowed.  

q  To receive credit, students must not miss more than 5 days for a unit course.  Any absence in excess of 5 days may cause a student to lose credit for a unit course.  All absences beginning with the sixth for a unit must be lawful.  Refer to the student handbook on p.11 for a list of lawful absences.

q  Students are responsible for missed classes – getting the notes from another student, scheduling a time to make up a test, and obtaining any classwork or homework assignments. Work missed during excused absences must be made up within 10 school days after the student returns to school.

q  Students with Out of School Suspension will have four opportunities in after school makeup detention (Tuesday and Thursday) to complete any missed work due to their suspensions. 

q  Five minutes are allowed for a class change.  The 3rd tardy will result in a parent contact.  The 4th – 5th tardies will result in one-hour detentions.  The 6th will result in ISS and any additional tardies will result in a referral. 

q  Each quarter, I offer 5 points extra credit on a test as a reward for good behavior with substitutes.  In the case of a substitute, any student who misbehaves with the substitute and has his or her name turned into me will serve 1 hour detention for his or her misbehavior and lose the substitute extra credit. 

q  Papers and projects are due on the due date at the beginning of class. Late papers and/or projects will be penalized ten points.  No papers or projects will be accepted three days after the due date.

q  Absolutely no cheating or plagiarism. Any student caught in the act of cheating or plagiarism will receive a zero on the assignment. In cases of copying another student’s paper or giving answers, all students involved will receive a zero.

q  Follow the school rules as outlined in your student handbook.


Consequences for not meeting classroom expectations:

q  Warning

q  Detention (after school)

q  Parent contact

q  Referral to administration


Parent Contact

I encourage parents to stay in contact with me throughout the school year. I am available to parents by email or by phone.  


Course Description

This course will allow students to gain understanding of world literary perspectives from their readings, group work, class discussions, and writings.  English II is the second of four required English courses.  Students will study four genres of world literature:  fiction, drama, poetry, and nonfiction.   The course will prepare students for the HSAP (High School Assessment Program) test, which is given in the spring, and for the SAT.  


Instructional Philosophy

English II is a course designed to give students an opportunity to explore the following types of literature and writing:  short story, poetry, novel, mythology, drama, grammar, composition, and research.  Students will be taught various reading and writing strategies that are essential to high school, college, and the work place.      


Course Goals/Power Standards

Upon completion of English II, the student will be able to

q  Read and comprehend a variety of literary texts in print and nonprint formats.

q  Read and comprehend a variety of informational texts in print and nonprint formats.

q  Use word analysis and vocabulary strategies to read fluently.

q  Create written work that has a clear focus, sufficient detail, coherent organization, effective use of voice, correct use of the conventions of written Standard American English.

q  Write for a variety of purposes and audiences.

q  Access and use information from a variety of sources.

Parents may access the SDE ELA specific indicators and full standards at this address:

Students whose parents do not have Internet access may ask for print copies for home use.


Major Assignments and Projects

Students will write essays and responses, complete presentations, and participate in class discussions regularly. Reading schedules and dates for assignments, as well as reminders, will be distributed/noted in class. Students are encouraged to see me for assignments if they anticipate missing class as well as seeing me once they return from an absence in order to complete make-up work. I am available before school and immediately after school to assist students. Students with questions should also feel free to email me at .


Assessment and Grading

Assessment of work completed in English II will most often reflect the use a rubric. Rubrics will be made available to students prior to beginning an assignment, especially a long-term project. Objective tests will be graded on a 100-point scale. Writing assignments will be graded primarily for content; however, grammatical correctness and style will certainly count in the overall assessment. Literary knowledge will not only be assessed by objective quizzes on selections, but also by genre tests and by written responses to selections.  I use the grading scale provided by The School District of Greenville County to determine grades for each student, which can be accessed at


Semester Categories                                                           % of Grade

Quarter 3 Final Grade                                                               40%

Quarter 4 Final Grade                                                               40%

Final Exam                                                                                 20%

Quarter categories

Major - essays, presentations, projects, tests                       60%

Minor – quizzes, notebook checks, journals, etc.                40%

Grading Scale

93 – 100................................ A

85 – 92.................................. B

77 – 84.................................. C

70 – 76.................................. D

69 and below....................... F



Listed below is The School District of Greenville County’s booklist for English II.  Due to book availability from the Book Center, book selections for the classroom may vary.  Please peruse the list.  If the parent or guardian finds any choices that you would prefer your child not read, the parent or guardian needs to contact the teacher immediately.  The teacher will then work with the parent to provide an alternative book assignment.

English II Booklist



Copper Sun

Sharon Drapier

Emako Blue

Brenda Woods

Fever 1793

Laurie Halse Anderson

Fallen Angels

Walter Dean Myers

Izzy Willy Nilly

Cynthia Voight

Lord of the Flies

William Golding


Peter Benchley


Elie Wiesel

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee

A Separate Peace

John Knowles

Shattering Glass

Gail Giles

Something Wicked Comes This Way

Ray Bradbury

Touching Spirit Bear

Ben Mikaelsen





Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare


* Parents are responsible for requesting alternative assignments. If no request is made, the teacher will assume that any book from this list is acceptable.