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Southside High School Course Syllabus


Instructor:Scott Cumming                                                                             

Phone:   355-8437                                                                                       

Room # :P.E. Mens Office                                                          

Email address:


Course: Drivers Education   


General Course Description and Objectives:

Classroom Overview: Students gain awareness of the driving task and the responsibilities that accompany it. They demonstrate knowledge of traffic laws and regulations that help provide safe and efficient patterns. Students understand the impact that natural forces and conditions have concerning driving. They learn to identify hazardous conditions and react appropriately to avoid or minimize problems. Students develop an attitude of safe, courteous, and defensive driving. They develop mature and responsible attitudes towards safety and risk which allow them to successfully interact with other users.



Behind the Wheel Lab Overview: Students put driver education theory into practice with behind-the-wheel instruction and observation of fellow drivers in a driver training vehicle. Students perform driving tasks and demonstrate the responsibilities that accompany them. Students obey traffic laws and regulations and develop safe and efficient driving patterns. Students experience the impact of natural forces and conditions on the driving environment, and they learn to identify hazardous conditions and react appropriately to avoid or minimize problems. Students practice safe, legal, smooth, efficient, courteous, and proper defensive driving techniques.



      Required Materials:

            * Drive Right Textbook

                                           * Drive Right Worksheet Handout Pamphlet



Materials Needed:

                                         *Portfolio: 3 Ring Binder/w/partitions for                                         *Students work

 *BTW Manual

                                                  *Southside Parent Manual


Grading Policy:


A = 93-100

B =   85-92

C =   77-84

D =   70-76

F =     0-69


Quarter grades

·        Major assessments    60%

·        Minor assessments    40%


Your grade will be based on: Minor Assessments 40% of Grade:

1) Any Textbook related Assignments such as Worksheets/Review Questions

2) Any Single Unit Textbook Quizzes                             

3) Daily Participation/Group Work

4) Individual Driving Lesson grades

5) Exit Quizzes- Daily Review Assessments

*Students will begin each quarter with 100 points for their participation grade.

Each day a student is tardy/absent, and therefore cannot participate, 5 points will be deducted from their participation grade for the quarter.


Major Assessments: 60% of Grade:

1) Unit Tests/Specific Unit Quizzes (Instructor Designated)

2) Portfolio Completion Per Quarter

3) Vocabulary Worksheets

4) Collisions Project

5) Extra Credit Projects- Due last week each quarter

6) Warm-Up Activities- Pair/Share Unanswered Question Activities

7) Unit Reaction Papers

8) Final Driving Test

9) Observation: BTW manual/attentiveness grade




Attendance and Tardy Policies:

Attend & Participate in class/No more than 5 excused absences 

What to do if you miss a class: 

Excused Absence: If you have an excused absence, you will be allowed to make up work, tests, quizzes, and projects with no penalty, if you have an excused note.  Provisions for make-up of schoolwork missed is the student’s responsibility and shall be worked out with the teacher(s) at the earliest time possible, but the time by which the work is completed and turned in should not exceed five (5) consecutive school days after you return to school.      

Unexcused Absence:  Teachers are not required to accept makeup work or provided testing for students with unexcused absences.     

Academic and Behavioral Expectations:


1. Attend & Participate in class/No more than 5 excused absences

2. Complete a Portfolio notebook  (determined by the instructor).

3. Achieve passing grades on test and quizzes

4. Pass a written final exam (70 Percent).

5. Complete homework assignments.

6. Complete the Sequence of Driving Lessons & Pass a Final Road Test with their driver education teacher.

7. Demonstrate an acceptable degree of responsibility and maturity sufficient to

    interact, safely with others in traffic.

8. Maintain academic standards of honesty & follow through.


Behavior Rules:

*1) Arrive to class on time-be in your assigned seat before the bell.

*2) Open your daily notebook/text and quietly begin working on any work posted on the


*3) Do not leave your seat without permission.  If you need water or a washroom break,

     you, must get permission from a teacher.  

*4) Respect school property: Keep all desks, textbooks, coursework, BTW Car in good


*5) No food, drinks, or gum in class or the BTW driving car at any time.

*6) You must bring an agenda & ID Card every day.

*7) Respect the learning process; No talking out of turn or interrupting another persons

     ability to focus/learn.

*8) No Class disruptions (affecting the learning process)

*9) Lack of co-operation indicates a serious disrespect for school rules and Southside’s

     discipline policies will be enforced. 

Procedures and Expectations:

*1) Student’s will only be given late credit for work if a parent note accompanies the


*2) Attendance will be taken at the door/ show your ID/agenda.

*3) Each student is expected to participate in discussions/group activities.

*4) Once the tardy bell has sounded, students will have 1 minute to open their notebook  

      & begin work on the work posted on the board use restroom..

*5) Students will be released to go to their next class by the instructor, not the bell.

*6) Academic honesty is the expectation for all assignments; cheating or copying others

     work, will result in zero credit and a referral.

*7) Class disruptions will not be tolerated; an immediate call for an administrator plus

      ISS will follow the warning.

*8) Lack of co-operation will result in a parent notification potentially leading to a

      removal from the program

*9) Observation time in the BTW phase is a major assessment grade; demonstrate

     good listening skills during this time. 



Discipline Policy:  Driver Education classes will follow this 5-Step

Discipline Plan as follows:

Step 1: Student Warning

Step 2: Parent Contact

Step 3: Teacher Consequence

Step 4: Parent Conference

Step 5: Referral to Administrator


Specific Southside Student Discipline Code:


An atmosphere of mutual respect between students and teachers is expected. The general responsibility of discipline rests with the faculty. Each teacher has the authority to enforce discipline. Student cooperation and self-discipline is expected. Teachers will discuss with their students the conduct policies as outlined in the Code of Discipline adopted by the School District of Greenville County, a copy of which is included in this handbook and on the District website.

Persistent or uncontrollable misconduct will be referred to an assistant principal for disciplinary action. Strong and consistent measures will be taken to eliminate undesirable conduct. A discipline referral indicates serious misbehavior. Students being removed from a classroom for disruptive behavior will be escorted to ISS.

Rules for Southside High School

1. All students will be in the classroom when the bell rings at the start of each class period.

2. All students are to remain in their seats unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss class.

3. No passes out of class will be issued, except in an emergency. All students will bring to class paper, pen/pencil, textbooks, homework, and any other items required by the teacher.



6. Students will not deface and /or destroy any property at school and will be held accountable for damage payment.

7. Students will not use obscene language or gestures.

8. Students are expected to be quiet during announcements, moment of silence, or roll call.

9. Students are expected to remain on task the entire class period.

Student Dress and Appearance

Student dress and appearance are an important part of the school environment. Each student is expected to exercise good judgment. Student dress and grooming will be neat and clean.

1. Shoes or sandals will be worn. Flip-flops (Adidas-type shoes) are not permitted.

2. No bare midriff shirts or blouses will be worn.

3. No tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, tube tops or vests without shirts will be permitted. Shoulder straps have to be a minimum of 3-4 inches wide.

4. No see-through or mesh garments may be worn.

5. Blouses or tops that reveal cleavage are not allowed.

6. Hats, sunglasses, hair curlers, skullies, “do-rags”, sweat bands, wraps and bandanas, etc. may not be worn on school grounds. Items will be returned at the end of the school year.

7. No clothing or jewelry will be permitted that displays profanity, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, drug advertisements or other inappropriate phrases, symbols, or gang symbols.

8. Shorts may be worn; however, they must be properly fitted and in good taste and may not be shorter than mid-thigh. Biker shorts of any kind are not permitted. (Mid-thigh is usually below the fingertip with your arms extended down by your side.) Mini-skirts worn with leggings are not to be worn. Students may not have holes in their clothes above the knee. Holes above the knee must be patched.

9. Clothing may not be worn without appropriate undergarments. Jackets may not be used to cover up inappropriate clothing.

10. Skirts should fit and be in good taste and not be shorter than mid-thigh.

11. Trousers/slacks/shorts for males and females must be worn at waist level. Males must tuck in shirttails. Because of safety reasons, excessively baggy trousers and clothing are not permitted.

12. Non-human colored-hair is not permitted.

13. Clothing may not drag on the floor.

14. Extraneous articles hanging from clothing, such as chains or other articles are considered inappropriate, and will not be permitted. “Do-rag” strings must not hang from necks, pockets, etc.

15. Facial jewelry may only be permitted to be worn in the ears.


1. Students in violation of the dress code will be sent to ISS and parent may bring a change of clothes.

2. Subsequent violations will result in suspension.

ID Badge Policy

For safety and identification, all faculty, staff and students must wear school-issued picture ID badges and school issued lanyards.


A. Each student will be issued an ID badge and a breakaway lanyard at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year. These badges are loaned to the students. Students must display his/her Southside ID badge at all times while on campus (unless involved in an extracurricular activity that requires particular dress). ID badges must be clearly visible and worn on the lanyard issued by Southside High for the 2008-2009 school year. Old ID badges from previous years will not be acceptable.


B. In order to attend class, students must wear an ID badge. Those students who arrive at school without an ID badge will report to the cafeteria where they can obtain a temporary ID badge and be permitted to go to class. A tardy will be



issued to students who are late due to obtaining a temporary ID badge. Temporary ID badges are to be worn between the shoulder and the heart. Students who have not obtained an ID badge/Temporary ID badge before 9:00 A.M. will be sent to ISS for the remainder of the day. If a student arrives to school after 8:50 A.M. and does not have an ID badge, they can obtain a temporary ID badge when checking in at the Attendance Office. The first three temporary ID badges are free of charge/consequences.


C. Starting with the fourth temporary badge issued, the penalties are as follows: For the fourth, through eighth violation, detention will be assigned by the duty teacher for ID badges (however these penalties can be avoided for a $.50 fine that will help off set the cost of printing). For the 9th violation the student must purchase a new ID that day.


D. Any student who defaces or alters the ID badge will face disciplinary action and be required to purchase another badge at his/her own expense. Any student who uses another student’s ID will be suspended.


E. Students must pay $5.00 to replace lost or defaced/damaged ID badges. Replacement ID badges can be purchased before 8:30 A.M. each morning in the cafeteria. An additional ID may be purchased to serve as a “back-up” in case the student forgets/misplaces their ID.


F. A student must surrender their ID badge if a faculty or staff member makes a request for the ID.


Student Parking and Traffic Laws

Any student driving to school must have a current Southside High School parking tag. Parking tags cost $20.00 and will be sold from August 30 through October 1 in Coach Jackson’s office. Any student wishing to purchase parking tags after October 1 must notify the parking lot coordinator before driving to school. Parking tags are to be placed on the vehicle’s rear view mirror. After parking tags have been issued, students will be assigned specifically numbered parking places. Any deviation from this assigned space will result in disciplinary action and possible suspension of driving privileges. Any student driving to school without a valid parking tag will be subject to fines and disciplinary action. The student parking lot will remain locked during the day. No one is permitted to drive into the student parking lot to pick up or let out a student. Students are not to park in designated faculty parking lot or behind the school. No cars are to enter the Bus driveway from Jacobs Road. Those students driving to and from Career Centers/FAC will have reserved spaces once their parking permits are purchased. Any violations will result in disciplinary actions, fines, and/or suspension of driving privileges. Parking tickets and fines will be issued as illegally parked, or parking in an unassigned space:


• First Offense: Warning Sticker/Detention


• Second Offense: CAR WILL BE TOWED


• Third Offense: Parking privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the

school year 


The Administration of Southside High School reserves the right to suspend any parking privileges of any student it deems necessary. It is the student’s responsibility to arrive at school on time. Students are expected to leave their cars as soon as they arrive on campus. No student is to remain in his or her car or standing around the cars after arriving at school.

*STUDENTS ARE NOT TO RETURN TO THEIR CARS DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. Southside High School is not responsible for theft or vandalism. Car doors should be locked. No money, valuables, CD’s, etc. should be left visible


Our office staff cannot adequately process telephone messages to students. Only emergency calls should be handled through the office. Calls to parents for early dismissals due to illness may be made by the nurse in the health room. Cell phones are not to be visible or audible from 8:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Cell phones may not be used in the building.

District Policy Regarding Mobile Telephones/Paging Devices

A paging device or mobile telephone possessed or used in violation of the “Student Rights” section of this Code of Conduct will be confiscated and the student using or possessing such paging device or mobile telephone in violation of the applicable section of the code may be disciplined as provided below:

First offense - confiscation of the paging device or mobile telephone and after a conference with the parent/legal guardian, the paging device or mobile telephone will be returned to the adult. Second offense - confiscation of the paging device or mobile telephone and after a conference with the parent/legal guardian, the paging device or mobile telephone will be returned to the adult 30 days after the confiscation. Third offense - confiscation of the paging device or mobile telephone and after a conference with the parent/legal guardian, the paging device or mobile telephone will be returned to the adult 60 days after the confiscation and the student may be subject to additional disciplinary consequences including: detention (during or after school), in-school suspension, out of school suspension, and work detail assignment. Fourth and subsequent offenses - confiscation of the paging device or mobile telephone and after a conference with the parent/legal guardian, the paging device or mobile telephone will be returned at the end of the school year and the student may be subject to additional disciplinary consequences including: detention (during or after school), in-school suspension, out of school suspension, and work detail assignment.



Refer to Grading Policy/`Major/Minor Assessments