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Mission Statements

Class Mission Statement (Created by Our Students) 

We come to Kindergarten to get smarter by learning the letters, how to read, do math, and lots of new things so that we can go to college, get the career we want, and be a responsible person.  

Mrs. Land’s Kindergarten Class

My Personal Mission For The Class

I believe that all children will learn if provided the appropriate tools.  Our classroom will strive to be a place where all children will have the opportunity to show their strengths and build upon their unique differences. I believe that education and learning should be fun, exciting, and challenging.  If young children develop a love for learning at an early age, that love will continue to grow as they do. Through the use of projects, hands-on activities, technology, and cooperative learning I will do my part to encourage and movtivate each child to achieve at their highest level and develop into life-long learners.  I believe that education is a partnership between home, school, and the community. By working together, we can make Kindergarten a rewarding and challenging experience.