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3rd graders are learning the essential questions for content areas that correlate with the state standards. Ten questions are chosen weekly in random order 1 – 100. Results are graphed using individual and class graphs. This way of instruction shows the students “they do not have permission to forget” important content taught.

Third Grade

100 Essential Language Arts Questions


  1. The manner in which a story is told is called a_________________.
  2. ______________________ is when story is told through a perspective (example- through a person’s eyes).
  3. Comparing two unlike things using like or as is called a ___________ (example- The sun is as hot as a firecracker).
  4. Comparing two unlike things is called ________________ (example- The sun is a firecracker).
  5. Giving something like an animal or an object human like qualities is called________________ (example- The fly cried out in agony when it was swatted by the door).
  6. I could eat a horse or my stomach is about to explode are called ___________________.
  7. Buzz, crash, bang, boom, and zing are examples of ______________.
  8.  The silly snake slithered down the slippery slide is an example of ____________________.
  9. The people (ex. Phineaus and Ferb), animals (Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck), or objects (Buzz and Woody) in a story are called__________.
  10. The ____________is the time and place of a story (examples- At night in a cave, or 1778 at the waterfront)
  11. The sequence of events that tell a story is called the __________.
  12.  _____________is a short story that teaches a lesson.
  13.  What is an exaggerated story passed down through generations called?
  14. A traditional story or legend that is passed down through a culture is a ____________________.
  15. What is a book called that is a factual, written account of a person’s life?
  16. ____________ is a piece of work usually written with a rhythmic flow.
  17.  When 2 words share the same ending sound (ex.- red, tread, said) they are called___________________ words.
  18.  A verse in poetry where the lines are written together using a pattern is called a ____________________.
  19. A ___________ in a poem is similar to a sentence in a story and are part of a stanza.
  20.  What are true statements called?  (ex. A teacher is a person.)
  21.  What are statements that reflect what a person believes or feels called? (ex. That car has ugly wheels.)
  22.  What is a glossary and where is it found in a book?
  23.  What information do you find in a table of contents and where is it located?
  24.  What do you call the words at the top of a dictionary or glossary?
  25.  A ___________ in a book shows you what an object, person, or scene looks like.
  26.  ___________ _________ in a non-fiction book tells you detailed information about a topic.
  27.  A ____________ tells information about an illustration.
  28.  Prefixes and suffixes are added to words called___________.
  29.  A ________ is added to the end of a base word.
  30.  A _________ is added to the beginning of a base word.
  31.  A prefix or suffix can also be called an _______________.
  32.  It’s raining cats and dogs is called a________________ because its an expression that cannot be learned from the meanings of its separate words, but must be learned as a whole.
  33.  When you try to figure out an unknown word by using other words in the sentence you are using_______   ____________.
  34.  Happy and glad are examples of_______________.
  35.  Cold and hot are examples of ________________.
  36.  Flower and flour are examples of______________.
  37.  The  _______ _________ is the sentence that tells what a paragraph is about.
  38.  _________ _________ are sentences that support the topic of a paragraph.
  39. _________ __________ are adjectives that use –er and est to show how objects compare.
  40.  Name 2 ways you use capital letters in a sentence.
  41.  If I want to write a written communication that includes a greeting, body, signature, and closing, what am I writing?
  42.  Yours truly, sincerely, and your friend are examples of________.
  43.  The greeting should start with _______ and end with a _______
  44.  The last item on a letter should be the ___________________.
  45.  On an envelope, what goes in the upper left hand corner?
  46.  On an envelope, where does the stamp go?
  47.  On an envelope, what 3 items should go in the middle?
  48.  Put these things in order that would go on the heading of a letter:

      Date, address, city/state/zip code

  1. When writing a__________________, you should always include the time, date, and place of the event.
  2.  Name three types of print sources that you use to get information for researching purposes.
  3.  What is a collection of maps called?
  4.  What is the name of the reference source that explains what words mean?
  5.   A______________ is an annual reference book with useful and interesting facts.
  6. A list of resources used to write a non-fiction piece is called ________________.
  7.  When I organize information into like groups, I am ___________

(example- dogs, cats, cows are mammals and butterflies and ants are insects)

  1.  Organizing events in the order that they occur is called _________.
  2.  What is a noun?

62. What are the nouns in this sentence?  The storm was coming and Jack was scared.

63. What does an adjective describe?

  1.  What are the adjectives in this sentence? The lost camper saw a huge bear in the woods.

65.            What does an adverb describe?

66.             What are the adverbs in this sentence?  The boy ran slowly and carefully down the hill.

67.            What does the predicate tell you about?

68.             What is the predicate in this sentence?  Tom and June were friends.

69.             What is the genre of the story?

70.             What does the subject tell you about?

71.               What is the subject of this sentence?  The small and hairy mouse was scared.

72.             What does a pronoun replace?

73.             What pronoun would you use to replace the underline part in the following sentence?  Mom and Dad went on a trip.

74.             What pronoun would you use to replace the underline part in the following sentence?  John went to the Millers’ house.

75.              What are contractions?

76.             Write a contraction for will not.

77.             What do possessive nouns show?

78.              Make this into a possessive. the collar of the dog

79.             Make this into a possessive. the club of the boys

80.             What is a compound word?

81.                Chose the compound word.  A) teacher   B) into   C) mansion

82.              Combine these sentences into one.  Jill was friendly.  Jill was


83.             Combine these sentences into one. Nina was going to come.  Nina got sick.

84.            Which sentence uses liveliness?  A) By the mall, there is a water park and restaurant   B) By the Haywood Mall, there is a cool water park and a huge Italian restaurant. C) By the mall there is a park and a huge Italian restaurant.  

85.            Correct the sentence. Mrs.arnold went to myrtle beach with her Friends?

86.            Correct the sentence.  what fun that was 

87.            Correct the sentence. Next takes the tape off the paper

88.            Correct the sentence. our you going to the book fair!

89.            Correct the sentence. Thay where not going too the carnival.

90.            Correct the sentence. Mrs Kerns’ feet is hurting.

91.              Correct the title of this book.  the wizard of oz

92.            Correct the phrase.   Joshua have to eat

93.            Correct the dialogue. Tina asked why are you crying?

94.            Correct the sentence. Laura was born on june 7 2005.

95.            Correct the sentence.  Bill live in greenville south carolina.

96.            Correct the sentence. Andrew’s picture was bestest than Jill’s.

97.            Correct the sentence. The birds chattert and then flue away.

98.            Is this a complete sentence?  Went to the mall.

99.            Is this a complete sentence?  Dad sang

100.         What are plural nouns and how do I make puppy plural?






  1. Writing a number using only digits (ex. 534) is called _______________.
  2. Write 846, 285 in word form.
  3. Writing a number by adding the value of the digits together is called ________________.
  4. Write the number 38, 951 in expanded form.
  5. Round the number 43, 876 to the nearest thousand.
  6. Round the number 8, 428 to the nearest ten.
  7. Using >, <, or =, complete the number sentence  34, 811 ___ 34, 181
  8. Write twenty-three dollars and seventy-six cents using a dollar sign and a decimal point.
  9. I buy a pencil for 47 cents.  I pay with $1.00.  What is the fewest number of coins I will get back as change?
  10. How do you know that 56, 284 is an even number?
  11. Which of the following is not part of the fact family:

4 + 8 = 12

12 – 4 = 8

12 + 4 = 16

8 + 4 = 12

  1. True or False:  The commutative property of addition says that the order of the addends does not change the sum.
  2. Estimate to find the sum of 438 + 196.
  3. Estimate to find the difference of 9125 – 3864.
  4. Draw an array for 3 x 6 = 18.
  5. Write the number sentence for this array.






















  1. What key words in the problem tell you to subtract:  I have 72 baseball cards.  I give 35 to a friend.  How many cards are left?
  2. What key words in the problem tell you to add:  John bought 27 pieces of gum.  Tom bought 19 pieces.  How many pieces do they have altogether?
  3. Draw a picture for 20 divided by 5
  4. Add:  7 + 3 + (9 + 1)=
  5. Multiply: (2 x 5) x 7=
  6. My number is less than 60 and rounds to 60.  What could my number be?
  7. Mary has 4 new shirts.  Each shirt has 3 buttons on it.  How many buttons are there in all?
  8. Julie baked three dozen cookies.  She divided them evenly among 4 friends.  How many does each friend get?
  9.   $137.93 + $753.01
  10.   $265.81 - $91.06
  11. Complete the pattern:  6, 12, 18, ___, ___, ___
  12. Complete the pattern:  5, ___, 15, ____, 25, ___
  13. Complete the input/output chart:
  14. Add: 74








  1. What number does the X stand for in:  12 + X = 20
  2. What number does the N stand for in:  3 x N = 18
  3. Cindy makes a bead necklace with the following pattern---blue, green, blue, green, etc.  What color would the tenth bead be?
  4. The pattern of our calendar this month is red, blue, pink, and yellow.  What will be the color on the thirteenth day of this month?
  5. On Monday the temperature was 84 degrees.  On Wednesday the temperature was 86 degrees.  What was the likely temperature of Tuesday?
  6. Each day the number of weeds in my yard increases.  There are 10 weeds on Monday, 12 on Tuesday, and 16 on Thursday.  Predict how many weeds were in my yard on Sunday.  (A)  22 weeds   (B)  8 weeds    (C) 30 weeds


  1. A  __________ is a simple, closed figure made up of three or more line segements.
  2. Is a circle a polygon?  Why or why not?
  3. How many sides does a pentagon have?
  4. Which polygon has 8 sides and 8 angles?
  5. Name 2 quadrilaterals.
  6. What is the line called that runs from one side of a circle, through the center, to the other side?
  7. If a circle has a radius of 7 inches, what is its diameter?
  8. A ____________ is a straight path that goes on forever in opposite directions.
  9. A ____________ is part of a line that has two endpoints.
  10. A ____________ is part of a line that has one endpoint and goes on forever in one direction.
  11. True or False:  Main Street and Church Street cross at a right angle.  They are parallel lines.
  12. A capital letter “X” is made of what kinds of lines?
  13. An ____________ is formed by two rays that have a common endpoint.
  14. Which angle measures less than a right angle?
  15. Which triangle has all sides measuring the same?
  16. Which triangle has two sides that are the same?
  17. What two qualities make objects congruent?
  18. When a triangle is placed on top of a square, what new polygon is made?
  19. Inches and yards are used to measure _________.
  20. A yard is about the same as which metric unit?
  21. Cups and quarts are used to measure __________.
  22. Quarts are about the same as which metric unit?
  23. Ounces and pounds are units of ____________.
  24. Ounces are about the same as which metric unit?
  25. Which unit of length would I use to measure a pencil?
  26. What tool would I use to measure the weight of a banana?
  27. What unit of capacity would I use to measure the amount of water in a bathtub?
  28. I have 5 quarters, 3 nickels, and 2 pennies. How much money do I have?
  29. I have a $10 bill and spent $6.58 on lunch.  How much change will I have left?
  30. I get 72 cents back in change.  What is the fewest number of coins I can get back and what coins are they?
  31.   About how much does a small dog weigh?  (A) 5 ounces     (B) 5 pounds     (C) 5 tons
  32. I have a bag with chocolate bars in it.  What is the probability that I will pull a Starburst out of the bag?
  33. I put boys’ names and 5 girls’ names in a hat.  What is the probability of drawing a girl’s name?
  34. My spinner has 5 spaces on it.  Four are blue and one is yellow.  What color am I likely to land on?
  35. I have 4 red buttons, 2 blue buttons, and 6 green buttons.  What fraction is red?
  36.  I have 10 pairs of pants.  If 4 pairs are black, what fraction is not black?
  37. Draw a picture to show ¾ shaded.
  38.  If you divide a hexagon across the middle, what shapes will you have?
  39.   Draw a picture to show how a square can be divided to make triangles.
  40.  Sam has a bag of 15 marbles- 2 are blue, 7 are red, 5 are yellow, and 1 is green.  Draw a line plot that shows this information.
  41. Using the information in problem number 78, what is the range?
  42. Using the information in problem number 78, what is the probability of pulling out a blue marble?
  43. In a class election, 36 students voted.  The winner got half of the votes and then there was a two-way tie for second.  Which chart shows the results?  (A) Winner- 18         (B) Winner- 18    (C) Winner- 20 

        2nd- 10                  2nd- 9                 2nd- 9

82.     What is the answer to an addition problem called?

83.     What is the answer to a multiplication problem called?

84.     Draw three squares on your paper.  Shade in the fraction to represent 4/6?

85.     Draw a heart on your paper.  Show a slide.

86.     Draw a heart on your paper.  Show a flip.

87.     Draw a heart on your paper.  Show a turn.

88.     Use >, <, or = to complete the number sentence:  5. 02 ____  5. 2

89.  Complete the following: 6 x 1 = ____     6 x 10 = ____   6 x 100 = _____    6 x 1000 = ______

90.  A square is a polygon.  If one side measures 3 centimeters, what would the perimeter be?

91.  Write the digital time for 20 minutes after 8.

92.  What is another name for 8:15?

93.  Solve:  5 + 3 + 7 = 7 + 5 + ___

94.  Solve:  3 x 6 = 9 + ____

95.  The distance around a circle is called the _______________.

96.  Inches, feet, yards, and miles are ___________ units of length.

97.  Centimeters, decimeters, and kilometers are ________ units of length.

98.  Use >, <, or = to complete:  8 x 7 ____  6 x 9

99.  A ___________ is a pattern that can be folded to form a solid figure.

100.  Five hundred nine: Show this number in standard form and expanded form.